Jay Vicino, owner of Nutrishop Mt. Juliet

Jay Vicino

Proud Owner, Family Man & Certified Nutritionist

Jay Vicino opened Nutrishop Mt. Juliet in July of 2015. He quickly became the go-to guy for “all things health” for the local community because of his genuine desire to help others succeed. He operated our nutrition shop for nearly 2 years straight, no staff, no days off, to ensure that everyone who walked through the doors received the same high standard, quality experience that our customer base has grown to love. To say that he’s a hard worker is an understatement. Jay graduated at the top of his class from MTSU with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management, focus in Operations, and a Minor in Marketing. He has also been a Certified & Insured Nutritionist for nearly a decade. He is extremely well versed in the medical industry with experience in helping with diabetes, blood pressure & cholesterol issues, autoimmune disorders, hormonal imbalances, and gastrointestinal disorders, just to name a few. He is a proud family man whose greatest admiration is his better half, Sarah, and his little girl, Eleanor (Ellie). Jay prides himself on having an unrivaled knowledge base in his field and has helped tens of thousands of patrons achieve their health goals over the years.

Andy Holt, assistant manager of Nutrishop Mt. Juliet

Andy Holt

Assistant Manager, Family Man & Certified Nutritionist

Andy Holt moved to the Wilson County area in 2016 from Central Illinois. After working out one day, Andy learned about the hype surrounding Nutrishop Mt. Juliet. With not having a go-to nutrition shop, Andy decided to check out Nutrishop. After speaking with the team and receiving customer service he never experienced at other nutrition shops, Nutrishop earned Andy’s patronage. Andy has always had a passion for helping others, but didn’t have the outlet to do so in his prior career fields. This prompted him to join the team in June of 2022. In his time as the Assistant Manager of Nutrishop Mt. Juliet, Andy’s had the opportunity to study under Jay, make many strong bonds with our community, and make a substantial difference in the lives of many local patrons. After a significant amount of hard work, Andy earned the title of Certified Nutritionist as well. Andy has a gorgeous wife, Kaylin, and a beautiful daughter with an amazing personality, Tinsley (T). Andy prides himself on always bringing positive energy, a smile to light the room, and the drive to help anyone achieve their health goals.